Willy Fautré


  • Chairman, Human Rights Without Frontiers International

In addition to being director of Human Rights Without Frontiers International, Mr. Fautré is a member of the International Consortium on Law and Religious Studies.  He is the former charge de mission at the Cabinet of the Belgian Parliament. For  20 years, he has defended the rights of Christian asylum-seekers from Turkey in Belgium and published numerous articles about Turkey's minorities. He is involved in the human rights dialogues between the European Union and a number of countries, including Turkey. 

He has developed religious freedom advocacy in European institutions, as the OSCE and at the United Nations. He is a lecturer in the field of religious freedom, discrimination and intolerance. He has written many articles in university journals about relations between state and religions. Some of his most recent publications:

"Religious Education in Belgium" in the Handbook of Religious Education, edited by Derek Davis and Elena Miroshnikova, the Routledge International Handbook, (2012);  "The Sect Issue in France and in Belgium," in Law and Religion: National, International and Comparative Perspectives, editors W. Cole Durham and Brett G. Scharffs (Wolters Kluwer: Aspen Publications, 2010); "On Religious Liberty in a Democratic Society – Aspect of Law, Religion and Philosophy in Constitutional Theory and Reality, published by Gerhard Besier and Hubert Seiwert, Technical University, Dresden, Germany (2009); and "Legal Regulations of Religious Communities in EU Member States: A Human Rights Perspective (pages 67-74) in Mitna Sprava Naukovo-Analytishnii Journal, Academy of Law, Odessa, Ukraine (2009).