#1 - Support the Mother Church
Attendance will demonstrate the Church in America fully supports the quest of the Mother Church for religious freedom and fundamental human rights.

#2 - Be part of history

The last conference was an historic event because it was the first time an international conference focused on the rights of religious minorities in Turkey that brought together all major constituencies - politicians, members of minority communities, diplomats, religious leaders, human rights lawyers and advocates, scholars, journalists and political commentators.

It also produced an historic result. Because of the conference, members of minority communities for the first time began to meet regularly and work together to address common problems.

That never happened before.

#3 - Witness World Class Presentations and Discussion
This conference, like the last, will feature some of the best, brightest and most renowned human rights and religious freedom lawyers, scholars and advocates in the world. It will also feature some of the most noted scholars and lawyers from Turkey who will address various aspects of the Turkish legal and political system. Be prepared for intellectual stimulation and mental captivation.

#4 - Berlin

As part of your trip to the conference, be sure to see the many historic sites of Berlin and its magic and beauty at Christmas time. For those wanting evening excitement, Berlin is renowned for having some of the best night life in Europe.

#5 - Mingle and Meet
The attendees and conference participants will be from varied backgrounds and have differing perspectives. During conference breaks and at conference receptions talk to the panelists and other attendees and be prepared to engage and be engaged. It will be rewarding and an experience of a lifetime.