The following blog posts were featured on the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) which covered the 1st Archon International Conference on Religious Freedom which was held in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium in November 2010.


First Day Blog

During the course of the week we will be bringing you a wide array of interviews, still photos and at times short videos of the proceedings.  We thank the Order of St. Andrew for inviting us to cover this first historical conference as well as the National Ladies Philoptochos Society that offered assistance in the way of the needed technical equipment allowing us to share the conference with the world through our network.  This event is brought to you by Order of St. Andrew Archon's of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in America and the Pammakaristos Brotherhood of Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Europe in cooperation with the Liaison Office of the Orthodox Church to the European Union and the European Parliament. 

Second Day Blog

The presence of many renown scholars, diplomats and policy-makers will make these next few days very interesting in that they will bring up some thorny issues and offer solutions at the same time.  Attention will be focused on the modern Republic of Turkey and the conditions for the religious populations of Alevi Muslims, Armenians, Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Jews, Protestants and Syriacs.

Fourth Day Blog

We began our second day of the conference this time at the Conrad Brussels looking forward to the future and the building of new bridges with new types of materials.  I am not writing about going to Home Depot for some new kind of wood or cement.  For as the Ten Commandments were written on cold stone and then the new sacrifice of Christ was written on our warm hearts we seek new ways to communicate with our brothers in Istanbul for the good of mankind and our faith.  It is time to build bridges and it is clear to me as an observer that the Orthodox Christians and in this case the Archons of the world are united to not only preserve the Ecumenical Patriarchate but to see that the Mother Church is allowed to proceed and flourish in the days, months and years ahead for the Glory of the Great Church of Christ.

Sixth Day Blog

As I board the plane for our long trip home I cannot stop thinking about all of the incredible individuals I met this week and the interviews taken. It was a truly historic trip. I hope the world will have the opportunity to learn about the plight of our sacred faith through our coverage and the future things that will be done with the proceedings of the conference.